Legal Marketing Services for Solicitors

Our Unique Legal Marketing Services

Our legal marketing services have developed over 100 legal websites in the UK, Ireland, and the United States. So we know what law firms are looking for and that is exactly what we delivery:

  • We help you develop a Web presence that attracts new clients. This more than anything else is what makes us different. We will increase the number of instructions you receive from your website.
  • We deliver complete and total discretion for your legal practice. Nobody will know that you have outsourced some or all of your Web marketing. So you won’t see our logos in the footer of your websites.
  • We only ask for fixed marketing fees based on our services. No surprises.
  • We never ask for a share in your professional fees.
  • We ensure you maintain compliance with any advertising regulations.
  • We only work with law firms. So we only deliver customer inquiries to qualified legal professionals, never to intermediaries.
  • We never store any customer information in our databases – it is only ever stored in our law firm client’s databases.
  • We only provide our services to reputable law firms.

Ethical Marketing for Legal Professionals

Our objective is to help law firms develop their professional practice by reaching new clients while maintaining the highest ethical standards. The websites that we develop for our clients

Launching New Legal Websites

Do you need a website for your law firm but don’t have the time to develop one?

Legal Marketing Services provides holistic Website outsourcing. That means that Legal Marketing Services can do everything you need to launch your Website – from registering your domain, providing website hosting, designing your Website, and providing the actual content.

We’ll develop your core marketing messages and your branding.

We can then maintain the Website – both the technical maintenance and also regular fresh content.